1. Know more about our product:

    Optical Sensing Limited has the expertise in research and development, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of highly sensitive optical sensing systems, including Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system. We aim at providing solutions and services to areas where there are needs to maintain electrical power supplies as well as preventing against fire hazards. Our DTS is applicable for real-time temperature monitoring of busway systems and target places where optical fibers passing through.

    We are also a participant company in the Incubation Program offered by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation.


    Our Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems:

    • Compose of DTS unit, optical fiber and monitoring software
    • Provide real-time temperature sensing system employing Raman backscattered light detection
    • React instantly to overheating and equip with remote surveillance monitoring and alarm functions
    • Can be widely used in a myriad of areas such as commercial buildings, residential blocks and data centers
    • Immediate applications: installing DTS along your busway systems or LED/LCD panels to provide early warning caused by overheating against fire accidents or sudden power outage
    • Further applications in energy saving categories, such as monitoring temperature profile in optimizing air-conditioning distribution to support “green environment”
    • Further expand to other applications such as detection of gas or liquid leakage

    Our DTS can surely meet your unique requirement and reduce your risks and ambiguities:


    Optical Time Domain Reflectometry:

    • Scattering occurs when laser pulse transmits through an optical cable and interact with optical fiber molecules. The direction of scattering is arbitrary, including returning to the direction of light source (back scattering)
    • Thermal effect induces lattice oscillations within fiber molecules. Raman scattering is produced due to the energy exchange when laser photons interact with the thermally excited molecular oscillations. There is relationship between the intensity of Raman scattered light and temperature
    • When ambient air temperature along optical fiber changes, the intensity of Raman back scattering light will change accordingly.
    • By measuring the time difference of incident light to the Raman back scattering light, the position can be determined.
    • By measuring the intensity deviation of the Raman back scattered light, the temperature of related back scattered light can be calculated


    With the DTS features specially designed for real time monitoring, a risk-free environment can be guaranteed:

    • Enhance temperature monitoring accuracy
    • Detect temperature changes within seconds
    • Reduce interfere from environmental influences when sensors capturing temperature information
    • Offer 4 channels with DTS system (reach up to total 16 km)
    • Alarm when temperature reached a preset level
    • Prevent fire accidents
    • Easily integrated into management platform
    • Allow remote operations
    • Maintained temperature data in central database which will be extended into cloud storage
    • Retrieve temperature data efficiently for further analysis
    • Uncertainty and risk minimization
    • Efficient asset usage
    • Ability to utilize reserves in emergency situations
    • Cost saving in maintenance and warranty
    • Cost saving in energy consumption (e.g. air-conditioning)
    • Excellent reliability and stable performance
    • Extra safety due to lowest laser output power

    Optical Sensing DTS System is definitely your effective solution to temperature monitoring on power distribution.


    Optical Sensing DTS solution includes the following as a comprehensive package:

    • Distributed Temperature Sensing
    • Database
    • Asset Visualization
    • Report and Analysis
    • Alarm Function
    • Real-time Temperature Rating
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    SOEHK Symposium 2014

    SOEHK (Society of Operations Engineer HK) held a symposium themed “Living Green in Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macau” on 28th June. Our CEO, Mr. Matthew Lam, has given a speech on the “Green” topic, to illustrate how Optical Sensing’s DTS System enhances and fully supports green environment.

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    HKSTPC Incubation Graduation Ceremony and Exhibition 2014 - Optical Sensing Ltd is selected to take part in the LEAP Programme

    Optical Sensing Ltd is one of the first four companies selected to take part in the LEAP Programme by HKSTPC.

    LEAP Programme is a new initiative to offer current incubatees and recent graduates a diversified range of in-depth and professional support to help them further excel.

    LEAP Programme is officailly launched at 27/3/2014, for more details please go to:

    Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporations:


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    Sing Tao Daily 10/4/2014

    The 2nd IDC Safari

    The IDC Safari was held by HKCOLO.NET on May 9, 2013 at Hotel ICON, Tsim Sha Tsui. It was a business promotion and experience sharing event for the IDC industry, which created a platform for services providers, consultants as well as end-users of data center services to gather and exchange information through a variety of exhibitions and conferences.

    We have introduced and demonstrated our latest Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and delivered a solution for data centers to achieve energy saving and temperature monitoring. We have met a number of professionals and consultants to exchange our knowledge and seek new business opportunities. It was a big success to promote our products and enhance our brand awareness.

    HKSTPC Incubation Graduation Ceremony and Exhibition 2013

    Optical Sensing Ltd is one of the incubates under incubation programmes by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTPC). The Incubation Graduation Ceremony and Exhibition brought us a chance to reveal our latest local technology developments to guests from various fields.

  5. JOB REF.

    • A Leading Subway / Railway Company in Hong Kong

      Use Place:Subway / Railway

      Objective of the Project:
      To monitor the operations conditions and fault detection of the 33KV power cable system used by the train cars

      Project Highlight
      - The installation of our system began in December 2013 and successfully commissioned in February 2014
      - Our system now monitors the power cable system on a 24x7 basis
      - Since the commissioning of our system, we have already identified some design / operations issues in relation to the power cable system and recommended resolutions to the client


    Optical Sensing Limited  光傳感有限公司

    Tel : (852) 2607 4323 / 2607 4303
    Fax : (852) 2607 4386
    Email : info@opticalsensing-hk.com

    Address : Unit 202A, 2/F, Photonics Centre, No. 2 Science Park East Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T.




BIXPO 2015 International Exposition of Electric Power Technology (12-14/10/2015)

ITC, EMSD & Kai Tak Development Project Leaders Visited to OSL (16/02/2015)

HKSTPC Incubation Graduation Ceremony and Exhibition 2014 (27/3/2014)

Visit to Schneider Electric's Factory (14/3/2014)

DTS Training Workshop (5/3/2014)

Building E&M Macau 2013 (20-22/11/2013)

2nd IDC Safari (9/5/2013)

HKSTPC Incubation Graduation Ceremony and Exhibition 2013 (26/3/2013)

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